About us

*About Us*

Hello my Name is Ruth, I am the CEO of Gavianei a Handcrafted Cosmetics line. Our products are made from scratch with care and love. We offer a luxurious, fanciful line that is nourishing & relaxing for self Care. Im a wife and a Mom of 3 amazing and beautiful children. Since babies all of my little ones was struggling with eczema, I did see so many specialists for their issues seems like didn't work well at all, and I said why not trying a natural plant-based way instead of..and,Guess what?? All my children skin are not flaky, red, crusty, anymore ,no more itching their skin are beautiful, soft ,smooth and well moisturize. My children are the reason I started this vegan line and carry their name. Also, Since I was teenager I've always been passionate about natural skincare. I made my own soap and body lotion for glowing skin. Fast forward... As we are becoming more aware of what we put on our body nowadays, Ive been inspired to start creating product for people to transition to a better and healthier lifestyle. A line that can nourish and hydrate your skin using only the best Cruelty-Free ingredients safe for children and adults. Gavianei Cosmetics embrace everyone (babies and adults) specially we want to help women be more confident and "Fall in Love with their Skin".
We're Proud to offer you the highest quality and most unique products, From our Family to yours, we put Love and careful attention in each item. We know you will love our products and that you will be back for more, we hope you enjoy them as much we enjoy briging them to you!

Ruth CEO and Founder!